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Loosing all sense
You're eyes challenge me with every glnce,
And twist my heart into a knot,
You recline into your protective arc,
nd rip me apart,
Break my heart.
I'm drowning in  seaa of desperation,
I'm relapsing into the darkness.
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two as a pair, always together :iconroaring-flames:roaring-flames 1 0
Save the lost girl
I waste every minute just vegetating
Until finally i fade away into the distance forever..
Lost without meaning and soul,
Some one catch me before there is nothing left to even notice,
And the time is going ever soo fast leaving me forgotten for all eternity!!
Save this dear life and i'm yours forever..
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A kiss from the clouds...
The sounds of history,
Being re-told and told again,
The legends of heroes,
True loves first kiss
And a gentle touch upon your face.
An unknown sensation,
Like a kiss in your dreams,
You wake up hastily to a strange tate in your mouth,
Upon your lips.
You get violently attaked,
and don't feel the pain.
A nervousness fills you but nothing happens,
Someone else and your feeling the feelings of your past self.
A depression over comes you and tear fill your eyes,
What is this feeling?
Why does it corrupt you?
Is it that it has something to do with you
and the future, past and present!
Or is it jut HIM...
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Radiation.... your voice
hold me close and close your eyes,
Smell my hair,              the strawberry scent,
Hold my hand and feel my touch,
The warmth between us,                 gets hotter everytime we meet,
The softness of our skin as we accidently swipe our hands past each other,
I hear your voice, the depth of it overwhelms me,
To know that your near sends butterflies throughout my body,
This life feels like nothing without you,
To not see your face as the sun hits it,
To not feel your body heat radiate me,
To not taste your lips beneath mine,
and not be able to hear your sweet words
It would be hell.... even when i'm gone, heaven will be hell without you by my side
Know my thoughts,
And hear my voice,
i am no
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I see straight through you...
Ur minds are twisted,
                                ur soul is dead,
and the whilted rose of your heart is no longer red.
        A whisper is sent form me to you,
And the LOVE i once knew is no longer true...
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The looks of you
i know you, but you don't see who the real me
is to be...
You laugh, you smile and for that i would run a mile...
Yet still you seep into my memories forever and away..
our minds are like seives, the motions of the day, can not stay for too long..
before they go and you can't say what you did that day.
           Till its to late to remember!!
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If only you noticed...
The light in the sky, can't compare to how much you really mean to me,
i see you from time to time, I yearn for our next meeting, hoping that your face will not one day disspear
from within my eyes sight.
Everyday is a battle against the world, time is stolen from us, hours pass
and the best part about it, is you have no idea...
You do not see how obvious i try to make it for you to notice,
your eyes do not deceive me, yes  they're powerful,
and all the time we stare into each others eyes challengingly
you feel it's only a joke, but really it's my chance to see deeper into you...
And as the days pass, my heart slowly and most deadly breaks
  But the best part about it,
                                               Is you don't even no
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i ever let you fall,
Why you left me,
i don't understand why,
was it me,
was it you.
but i know something....
you laugh,
you smiled,
you paid me tons of attention,
but the next day is cut short,
you speak no words,
you show no emotion,
not even any of your devotion.
You leave  me stood still,
left ready for the ext kill.
And you never ask yourself,
am i really doing this for myself.
I never let you fall,
so why did you let me drop to death,
with wrists stained red
and no one at my death bed.
As the light left my eyes,
you were never their,
your glistening  beautiful face
never saved me as you previously had.
So, why...
               for i ever let you die!!
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The butterfly effect,
consumes us daily,
one small change can completely
move the motion of the day and
you might not even meet him for a single
butterfly flapped its wings a milisecond
too late.
Lfe is not made by destiny,
some people say we make our own luck,
well what if we don't, but everybody
does even the smallest organims on earth.
these are the thoughts that consume my mind....
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Lost without you...
Hope you come today,
if you don't we'll all be lost without you.
The time will be whisked away,
no more life for any of us.
Listless hours,
lifeless weeks
and nowhere left to seek.
all because u never came to see us,
it's your fault you never thought,
but just complained that we were too far away,
well its over now
and your all alone forever.
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The days we used to share
Those glittering eyes,
the ones i despise.
The powerfulness,
overwhelms me.
You look across the room,
outside is the monsoon.
The lights all got dim,
and you have a wim.
You glide through the sky,
and all of the lies,
surround us.
It is unwinding
and we know there
is no escape from the days we used to make.
Yet, here we are today,
soon will be may,
and here we stand.
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Worthless Thoughts..
She torchers her mind with thoughts of him,
that guy who left her feeling lost,
all her true aspirations departed.
Why this happens to her,
she knows not why
and the only thing thats left by the end,
Is emptyness...
Love isn't worth it anymore,
why break your heart over someone elses
supposed mistakes??
The rain drops heavily
and time is only just beggining,
the long lasting wait is now known
and the wait will be worth it in the end..
well, thats what they try to tell them selves,
but is that really so?..
Only time can tell...
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White roses
She dances around,
and laughs with glee
The only problem
is he doesn't know it's me.
He flirts, he talks,
and thinks she's weird,
but if he says no
that is truly feared.
She flutters, she floats,
she tells him a lie,
and deep down inside,
she knows she's going to die.
They spend little time together,
and warrant it at the most,
but his mind is else where,
and she's fading like a ghost.
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United Kingdom
She sits under a tree, the wind blowing gently, the sky is cloudless and beautiful. The time is unknown and she's all alone, to let her mind wonder. She observes the atmosphere closely, her thoughts restless.His words echoed in her head, yet they cease to exist.
Her heart hurt, her eyes full of tears and now it felt like time to give up and forget all about that time. Kisses of roses, hugs like happieness and now darkness surrounds all. :)


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